PartyGaming Founder Has Two Years To Cooperate With US After Plea

In most criminal cases, a person who is found guilty is usually sentenced within a couple of months of the plea. That will not be the case when it comes to Anurag Dikshit, co-founder of PartyGaming Plc.

Dikshit agreed to forfeit $300 million in addition to his guilty plea. He now faces up to two years in prison, but he will not find out his fate until December of 2010.

At least that is what everyone involved in the case would like the public to believe. The judge will be asked for leniency, but the chances are strong that Dikshit already knows he will be spending no time in jail.

The key to his guilty plea in Manhattan today could have been his agreeance to cooperate with the US Department of Justice. This will make other online companies wary over what Dikshit might let out of the bag.

While speaking in front of the Southern District Court of New York, Dikshit did express that he was not clear on what the exact laws were in the US regarding the Wire Act. “My understanding was that the laws changed over time and by the end, I realized that what I was doing was wrong,” he said.

Mr. Dikshit will not have to wait in jail for his sentencing, another luxury most criminals are not afforded. He did have to pay a $15 million bail.

The two-year suspension before the sentencing gives the Department of Justice plenty of time to get the information they crave from Dikshit. If he cooperates like he has claimed he will, there will most likely be no prison sentence.

With the first shoe dropping, the online industry will now wait and watch what chips could fall next. With a new administration coming in, there is a strong possibility that Internet gambling laws could once again be changed.

The European Union could soon get involved after the Remote Gambling Association asked them to protect the Eu’s interests. The common opinion is much like the opinion in many industries, that the current administration, who will soon be relieved of their duties, has produced great strain throughout the world.

“The current US administration has done nothing since they were placed in power but make their own rules regarding other countries. They have defied the wishes of their allies and enemies alike. It will be more than just Americans that will be rejoicing in January, it will be the entire world,” said Holly Rasmussen.

Zak Roscow